Burgan Company for Integrated Environmental and Geological Consultancy (BIEGC) was established in 2018. Our approach is to provide the best solutions to mitigate the potential impacts on the environment and to deliver the finest advanced solutions for healthy and sustainable environment.

We are always striving to reach out modern life through the urban and technological renaissance of the State of Kuwait and promotion of an environmentally friendly society with innovative solutions and technologies to protect the environment and ensure its sustainability.

In our company, we work in collaboration with other companies and public to achieve sustainable goals. Our idea is to create an educated and knowledgeable future generation while preserving our identity and traditions. We participate to keep pace with the vision of Kuwait in 2035 and promote the society through projects support to preserve the environment and its resources.

Our principles are built based on sincerity in work to reach a vigorous and sociable environment. We also recognize our moral and professional responsibility for where we live and protect individuals and environment for future generations.

Kuwait Environment Public Authority (K-EPA) Law 42/2014

Law No. (42) for the year 2014 was issued on the protection of the environment on 29/6/2014. The law was published on 13/7/2014, which means that it is to be implemented as of 12 October 2014. It consists of a preliminary section, Chapters and nine main sections, some of which consist of several chapters, and the total number of articles is 181 articles.

The law referred in the detailed provisions to the executive regulations and the decisions necessary to implement the provisions of the law. Some of which are issued by the competent minister, and some are issued by the Director General of the Authority after the approval of the Board of Directors.

The following developments are as follows:

  • Kuwait's first integrated environmental protection law.
  • The provisions of the law shall apply to all public and private entities and individuals.
  • The establishment of a special fund to begin projects to protect and preserve the environment and its resources, support efforts to contain disasters and environmental crises, and encourage the transition to a green economy.
  • To impose specific duties on the competent authorities of the State and set time limits for the implementation of these duties, ranging between 3-6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and 7 years.
  • The law includes several new and important texts, rules and provisions in the field of protecting the environment in the State of Kuwait, and face matter of all threats to its safety, for example: the establishment of specialized police on the environment affairs, the presence of environmental observers in public institutions, establishing specialized departments for the environment in state institutions.
  • The law includes a full chapter of penalties for environmental violations of the provisions stipulated in the law. The penalties range from: a fine of KD 50 to KD 1 million, imprisonment from 24 hours to life imprisonment and execution in case of violations of article 25 of the law for nuclear wastes. As well as civil liability and compensation.
  • Granting judicial control to some employees of the General Environmental Public Authority to inspect and issue environmental violations.

In 2016, 1369 violations were registered against violators of the Environmental Protection Law No. (42) for the year 2014 and its amendments No. (99) for the year 2015, including 1088 for individuals, 281 for establishments (factories, government agencies, commercial complexes, washing stations, printing presses…etc